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Getting best value from construction

I’m sure we can all agree the importance of getting value, and even added value, from the construction process and the accompanying investment.

That concept  of “value” is fundamental to the role of Constructing Excellence in Wales.

The thing is “value” is a subjective concept. It means different things to different people. It’s wholly dependent on the underlying needs of customers and stakeholders. In other words “what is it that’s important to them”? The trick for those delivering construction services is to identify what is it that the customer or stakeholder perceives important to them and how does it increase the benefit or worth of the product or service. The problem is that what is important to one person is not necessarily important, or as important, to the next person. The good thing is that you don’t have to be a “mind reader” to find out!

The intention of this website is to offer advice and guidance on where value can be added, who is best placed to do it and how they can do it. It follows the 5 key stages of a construction project from concept on to planning, design, delivery and through to operation and offers potential interventions at each of these stages. It’s been designed in a relatively simple fashion so as not to “over power” the user and in many cases it signposts the visitor to other websites containing areas of best practice and case studies. It applies to both building and civil engineering projects but obviously the terminology fluctuates from time to time!

Most importantly it’s not a prescriptive and definitive rule book – it’s a guide to how best value can be achieved based on the views, opinions and experiences of many practitioners across the construction industry in Wales.

How2Guide Sponsors:

Tony Norris

Chair Southeast Wales Constructing Excellence Best Practice Club

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Chair Southwest Wales Constructing Excellence Best Practice Club

Gwyndaf Williams

Chair North Wales Constructing Excellence Best Practice Club

As sponsors of this guide our aim is to support the continual improvement of performance across the construction industry in Wales and add value wherever possible. This is why we need your feedback to determine how helpful the guide is and how it can be improved and continue to be relevant. We would be grateful if you would complete our small feedback form.