About Us

The How2Guide is sponsored by the three
Best Practice Clubs of Constructing Excellence in Wales.

Constructing Excellence in Wales’ Best Practice Clubs provide opportunities for individuals and organisations to learn about and share best practices though real examples within the construction industry. These informal clubs are locally based and are made up of committed individuals who are willing to share their time, knowledge and experiences to support and promote best practices in the construction industry in their area. There are clubs in South West, South East and North Wales as well as a G4CWalesClub specifically for younger people in the industry.

The aim of the clubs is to be the place where all those involved in construction within the area, from policy makers, clients and project managers to designers, contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers, can learn, share and network together to improve their personal, organisational and business performance and their ability to work together collaboratively. They achieve this through hosting a wide variety of topical and inspiring events with expert speakers, site visits, client led debates, best practice projects and social activities. Each club is governed by a committee or steering group who act on behalf of the wider club membership.

Anyone who is in the construction industry can get involved with the clubs – from clients or asset owners, to the design team, main and specialist contractors, house builders and materials manufacturers and suppliers. Students and those involved in education are also welcome. The only pre-requisite is that they should be committed to improving their performance and the performance of the construction industry.

As sponsors of this guide our aim is to support the continual improvement of performance across the construction industry in Wales and add value wherever possible. We hope you find the How2Guide useful and helpful in supporting you in your pursuit of greater value through the construction process.

Tony Norris – Chair Southeast Wales Constructing Excellence Best Practice Club
Martin Nicholls – Chair Southwest Wales Constructing Excellence Best Practice Club
Gwyndaf Williams – Chair North Wales Constructing Excellence Best Practice Club