Establish business case

The project needs to be viable and you need to secure agreement to it but this is also the opportunity to define what value you aim to get out of the project and justify it. You should consider:

Identify the needs of the end user

When considering value the needs of the end user should provide the ultimate focus. You should consider:

  • Involving the end user in all regular meetings;
  • Developing the needs of the end user through a series of workshops;
  • Involve the end user in “signing off” key stages of a project;
  • Using a checklist to capture needs

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Develop desired outcomes – economic, environmental, social

Ultimately if a project is to deliver “value” it needs to address issues of sustainability and meet the 3 elements which underpin sustainable development:

  • Economic delivery
  • Social benefits
  • Environmental impacts

You should consider:

  • What are the areas that are of greatest importance to you?
  • How important is cost certainty to you eg. do you have a fixed budget?
  • How important is time certainty to you eg. do you have a service need which is time dependent such as a school or road opening?
  • Is it critical that you receive a defect free asset on completion as returns to site will be cost prohibitive?
  • Do you have socio-economic needs such as a requirement to create jobs for economically inactive individuals or NEETS (not in employment, education or training)? (Blaenavon Community Campus)
  • Do you wish to up-skill local communities?
  • How important is community engagement to you? (Taff Ely Learning Campus)
  • How sensitive is the site to environmental factors? (Ffordd Amazon)
  • Are there certain environmental standards which you need to meet? (Merthyr Tydfil Town Hall Refurbishment)

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Agree targets

Having established your desired outcomes in terms of “value” you need to set targets so that you know if you’ve achieved your desired level of “value”.

You should consider:

  • Establishing critical success factors for the project which describe key client outcomes
  • How best to describe success in social, economic and environmental terms
  • Don’t develop detailed KPI’s just yet – it’s a bit too soon.

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