At last, it’s mine… now what do I do?

Assuming that the previous stages have been followed and success has been achieved you should be handing over the asset. The level of preparation will of course depend on the complexity of the project and the systems that have been installed but be careful not to underestimate the impact on the client and end user. Practical or substantial completion doesn’t start and end with the handing over of the keys or the cutting of the ribbon. There are many steps that need to be followed during the handover period and into post occupancy or usage of the asset.

The previous stages should have resulted in the design of a fit for purpose asset which should have been delivered on time and on budget. However even at this stage it is still critical for the client and end user to be clear about their expectations so the transition from the delivery team to the end user can take place as smoothly as possible and to avoid a rushed handover, unnecessary defects, last minute delays and an uncomfortable initial occupation or usage period.

It is also necessary for the delivery team to realise that this is no longer about a construction project but a facility for delivering the clients’ products or services, be they education facilities, care homes, office accommodation, a highway or other piece of infrastrusture. The important thing to realise is that all projects require attention after completion but all may require a slightly different approach

You should consider :