Maintaining the handover

You’ve followed all the good practices from the delivery stage to hand over the final project to the client and end user but it doesn’t stop there!

It’s important that the hand over continues to be as smooth as possible, that the client and end users have a good experience during the hand over process and the project team are able to demonstrate yet another example of the good value they bring to the project.

If you’re in a rush to leave as soon as you’ve handed over you’ll probably end up with a disappointed customer!

Unfortunately, all too often the end user takes up occupation or usage of the asset and discovers things that don’t quite work as they thought they would. This may be due to an error or oversight earlier on in the process but can also be that the requirements have changed since the inception or initial design.

You should consider :

Guide the customer through a “soft landings” system

Make it as easy as possible for the customer:

  • Set up regular training sessions with potential occupants and facilities/maintenance teams responsible for the asset after occupation/use so they understand any systems, Operational and Maintenance (O & M) manuals and the Health and Safety File
  • Use a building user guide, if appropriate, to draw attention to the important items from the technical manuals in a pictorial, easy to follow, format for the management team.

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Support the customer through the commissioning process

Pay particular attention to the building services and any new technology aspects. It is likely that the person responsible for the day to day management such as a head teacher or caretaker may have limited experience of such systems
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Provide training and guidance to effectively use operational and maintenance manuals

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Deliver and explain the Health and Safety File

If all other stages have been followed this should be a relatively simple process of handover to the customer. Just make sure you spend enough time going through all the documentation with the customer and all relevant stakeholders. This is such a valuable document – if it’s well prepared and well explained!

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