Review operational performance

If all the previous stages have been followed then you should have an asset which is intended to perform operationally in a certain way. It may be that energy efficiency was a particularly important value area with low energy consumption expected or that certain end user benefits were expected.

Either way you should review operational performance to test if this value has been delivered.

You should consider :

Gathering data on operational performance

Construction customers or clients need to be prepared to commit sufficient time at the end of a project to review what went well, what didn’t go so well and what areas need to be improved for future projects. However, to do that successfully data on operational performance needs to be gathered:

  • Start collecting data as soon as occupation or usage starts.
  • Try to get “grass roots” feedback from facilities teams, teachers, caretakers etc to understand the day to day operational issues
  • Remember those commitments that were made at the concept, planning and tendering stages about what the client would get for its money and the commitments to whole life costs
  • Ensure utility bills are regularly available
  • Check data from BMS systems where applicable

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Gathering data on customer satisfaction

Having a satisfied customer is probably the best indicator of the success of a project and whether or not value has been delivered. So it’s important to measure this through a data gathering exercise.

You should consider:

  • Using a pre-designed questionnaire to measure satisfaction across a range of indicators
  • Engaging with and involving as many stakeholders as possible
  • Trying to get the grass roots feedback from facilities teams, teachers, caretakers etc to understand their day to day  issues
  • Analysing customer satisfaction data and user feedback
  • Addressing “gaps” with customers and rectify or identify “lessons learnt” for future projects
  • Assessing the “value” that the customer has gained

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Prepare an operational performance report

By preparing an operational performance report you will be able to demonstrate to the client, customer and stakeholders where “value” has been achieved.

You should consider:

  • Analysing operational and customer satisfaction data
  • Maintaining openness, honesty and transparency – “no blame” – whilst preparing the report
  • Ensuring whole team input – including customer/end user
  • Combining reviews with social/celebration events
  • Clearly identifying lessons learnt – based on evidence from KPIs
  • Clearly identifying where “value” and “added value” has been delivered
  • Agreeing mechanisms to share/disseminate good and poor practices
  • Reviewing data with customer/end user

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