Reviewing project performance

It is important to evaluate how the project was delivered ie. the process that was followed from concept to occupation.

This will allow the good and not so good practices to be identified and analysed and improvements made to the process for the benefit of future projects.

The following should be considered:

  • Commence review as soon as practical after handover
  • Maintain openness, honesty and transparency – “no blame”
  • Ensure whole team input – including customer/end user
  • Engage with and involve stakeholders
  • Combine reviews with social/celebration events
  • Clearly identify lessons learnt – based on evidence from KPIs
  • Clearly identify where “value” and “added value” has been delivered
  • Agree mechanisms to share/disseminate good and poor practices

Commence the review

Construction customers or clients need to be prepared to commit sufficient time at the end of a project to review what went well, what didn’t go so well and what areas need to be improved for future projects.

  • Undertake the post project review as soon as possible after handover but ensure that sufficient KPI’s have been gathered.
  • Follow a well established process of evaluation. This may be an in house process or you may wish to develop your own. See the following link for examples (include link).
  • Try and get the grass roots feedback from facilities teams, teachers, caretakers etc to understand the issues.
  • Continue to review the relevant  KPI’s with particular emphasis on “whole team” satisfaction
  • Remember those commitments that were made at the Concept, Planning and Design stages about what the client would get for its money and the commitments to whole life costs
  • Celebrate success and positive lessons learn  with all of the delivery and supply chain
  • Consider undertaking a third party review to offer impartiality
  • Introduce a 360degree review to test staff reactions

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