It needs to be delivered on time, within budget, to a high level of quality, and I need to get best value… I think I need a plan!

The planning stage of a construction project is the time to set some goals, develop strategies and outline tasks and schedules to accomplish the goals. This is the stage when the customer or clients’ aspirations or vision needs to be translated into a plan of action which will determine how much value can be gained from the investment.

It is important for the right team to be assembled, for a collaborative culture to be forged and for key decisions around the procurement strategy to be made if the value of the project is to be maximised. A failure to make the right decisions now will limit the ability to gain value during the later stages of the project.

This is the time when the customer and the team can really drive value.
At the planning stage the following key themes have been identified to ensure that best value is achieved from the construction process: