Agree timescales

It would be great if your project could be ready tomorrow wouldn’t it? If time is of utmost importance to you then it’s likely that you’ll need to compromise on something else such as cost or quality. The decision is yours but you need to be clear on what you want – and realistic on how quickly the project can be delivered.

You should consider:

Use feasibility studies to develop initial project programmes

  • Always prepare an early feasibility study and review and develop this as you progress
  • Ensure that all your options are linked to a delivery programme

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Ensure robust change management processes are in place

Depending on the complexity of the project you should establish processes to manage change such as:

  • Issue logs
  • Risk registers
  • Change approval forms

Link to OGC and Prince2 websites

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Establish “Gateway” reviews to maintain control

“Gateways” offer an effective way to maintain control on project progress and any changes.

At key stages/milestones in a project the team will “stop” before a “gate” and review where they’ve got to and set out their case for proceeding to the next stage. normally a  Project Management Board, or similar, will review the case submitted by the team and consider if the project is “ready” to progress to the next stage.

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